Eating with your EYEs first! A key to eating healthier!


         I have never had a problem with eating healthy foods; but for those of you that are not used to making those healthier choices or afraid to try new things trying to eat with your eyes first may help! We all use our senses  to eat : smell,touch,and sight. some may use other senses MORE than others! So if we make our food look appealing we  will be MORE likely to eat it!

Food preparation and how our food is plated plays a BIG role in how we enjoy our food.

“When you’re sitting at the table of one of these fine dining establishments, and the plate is placed in front of you by the server, then rotated to face you properly – it’s because that’s how the chef intended for you to first view the dish and maybe even entices you to start eating it in a specific way.”
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Making your food to be pleasing to the eye enhances your senses.  For example; my husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. But if i use soy beef in something or veggie bi-product and don’t tell him and i tell him come look at what i’m making use he tells me how GOOD it looks! so if i can please his eye first he is more willing to eat it.

Ways to make food pleasing to the eye:

  • Try using fresh and bright veggies
  • Try using foods with  different textures
  • Use shapes and proportions correctly (  make one thing on your plate the STAR and side dishes and garnishes should be smaller)
  • Arrangement is key ( there should be that one spot that draws the eye in)
  • The color of your plates and lighting can actually change the way your eyes see the dish.

By pleasing the eye first your other senses are now more enhanced and makes you more willing to try  foods that you are not used to! Hope this helps! Enjoy! and Healthy eating to you!


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